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My Dying Bride have been confirmed to play the Roadburn Festival in Holland

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

“My Dying Bride have been confirmed to play the Roadburn Festival in Holland on Saturday 22nd April 2017”.

The set has been deliberately tailored to include all of the Metal songs from Turn Loose The Swans.

There will be a few other older songs too from As The Flower Withers and The Angel and The Dark River, stuff they have not played in a long time so this is going to be special.

Your River
The Songless Bird
The Snow in My Hand
The Crown Of Sympathy
Turn Loose The Swans

Special backdrop lighting will help deliver a unique visual experience too, lovingly guided by the hand of Renowned Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu who is part of the Roadburn team.

If this all wasn’t enough on the drum throne will be tub thumper of all things dark, dismal and downright gloomy Shaun Winter Taylor Steels Esquire.

More as we get it.

My Dying Bride -



My Dying Bride - I Am The Bloody Earth (Vinyl Pre-order)

Monday, 17 October 2016

I Am The Bloody Earth was the third of the Peaceville EPs from the band, and was later collected together and released as Trinity alongside Symphonaire Infernus... and The Thrash of Naked Limbs.

Pre-order for December 9th release.

Click here to pre-order now.


Saturday, 17 September 2016

After finishing their set at Rockstadt Extreme Fest, MY DYING BRIDE'S Andrew Craighan donated his guitar as part of a charity auction to benefit the victims of the Colectiv tragedy. Thus, the guitar will be auctioned and all the proceedings will go towards the medical treatment for those who are gravely in need.

The auction is taking place online, courtesy of, until the 20th of October. Details on this can be found below.

Additionally, the band donated the drumskin used for the performance, signed by all the band members. This is going on auction as well, as all proceedings will go towards the same goal.

UberDoom, Andrew's custom made Mayones Vidius, 6 string guitar in Monolith Black and Red Binding, comes with Andrew's custom Spec EMG 57 / 66 pickup set, custom

Devils Staff Red fret markers and red LED fret markers on the side of the neck. A one of a kind, unique guitar. One free plectrum included and Flight cased.

Details on the final outcome of the charity auction will be posted online of course. The proceedings will be wired towards the Estuar Foundation account designated for the Colectiv tragedy, who have been working close with the victims and their families even since november last year.

For all information and how to participate, please visit:

Everyone who makes a bid has to register on the website, but it only takes a second.